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BTiL Set of 3 Canisters with Tray for Kitchen, Food Storage Box
  • PACKAGE CONTENTS:- Pack of Three Canisters in Off White Color.
  • SIZES AND TYPES:- This three-piece canister has three identical Off-White cans in-D-12 x H-cm size. The product is stylishly curated, aesthetically designed and are ideal pieces to add to your kitchen.
  • STURDY:- The canister is made of high-quality metal which can hold a good amount of products in it. The canister can also be used as a space-optimizer in your kitchen, as you can store your coffee powder, tea leaves and sugar in an easy and convenient way.
  • IDEAL FOR:- Since tea and coffee are everyday essentials in all Indian households, you can use this set at home regularly, or you can use it in front of your guests also. This stylish yet convenient product will keep all products fresh and safe from water or moisture.
  • EASY TO MAINTAIN:- Cleaning the product is easy, as a simple wash with your regular soap or a gentle wipe down the surface with a humid cloth can help you get rid of any accumulated dirt or tea leaves/coffee which could stain the can. There is no need for any expensive abrasive, acid, alcohol-based, or solvent-based cleaners, which could potentially derail the finish of the product.

BTiL Set of 3 Canisters with Tray for Kitchen, Food Storage Box

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