Verguld Blad Lantern

SIMPLY BEAUTIFUL - The Verguld Blad Lantern functions gold steel lanterns with an integrated strand of copper twine fairy string lights. A beautiful, undying accent for readorning homes, weddings, lobbies, and lounges.
VERSATILE DESIGN - These 8" lanterns may be located on any flat floor or hung for the usage of the ornamental ring. Transitional in design, those putting lanterns in shape in a huge variety of styles: Farmhouse to Glam, and from weddings to each day. DESIGN: Verguld Blad Lantern with an easy surface, iron body with glass windows. Multiple lanterns color available. Hand-Made: Experienced staffs handcrafted manufactured, we designed reuse decor hang-tag with MAIL-BOX package.
USING: Suitable on a desk or placing a freestanding lamp. Great use for indoor /outdoor, for example, parties, weddings, events, patio, and more. For higher impact matching Tea-light, Small pillar candle, LED candle, Fairy string lights, NOT included. IF CANDLE, It receives warm whilst burning! Allow it cool earlier than touching! Only use at the fireproof surface! Keep far from youngsters and pets!

Verguld Blad Lantern

  • Item No

    BTIL 009

    Product Name

    Verguld Blad Lantern


    TPR Gold






    20 x 20 x 39 cm


    0.868 gm




    Hanging  (Lighting)