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BTiL kitchen Storage basket with Chopping baord
  • PACKAGE CONTENTS:- Our contemporary design comes with a wooden chopping board with an attachable basket. The wooden board comes with a handle to stand it and is easier to use and carry around your kitchen. The storage basket are spacious and can store a number of vegetables, fruits and other kitchen essentials.
  • SIZE & MATERIAL:- The dimensions of the product are 35 x 25 x 32 Cm. The natural finish of the wood and the black finish of the metal basket gives a rich, dark colour and a beautiful, contrasting pattern with other kitchen essentials.
  • STURDY DESIGN:- These wooden chopping boards are made with high-quality metal. Our products are durable, rust-free, scratch-resistant, waterproof and can be easily cleaned.
  • EASY TO MAINTAIN:- Cleaning the product is easy, as a gentle wipe down the surface with a humid cloth can help you get rid of any accumulated dirt or soil marks. There is no need for any expensive abrasive, acid, alcohol-based, or solvent-based cleaners, which could potentially derail the finish of the product.

BTiL kitchen Storage basket with Chopping baord

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