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Iron Plant Stands Indoor Outdoor Flower Pot/Plant Round Shaped Rustproof
  • SIZE & QUALITY:- Dimensions (Diameter x Height) - 18.75 x 10 Cm, round-shaped metal stand. Our sizes are ideal for corner pots in the living room, decorative pots in balconies or bedrooms, or even utility pots in gardens. Our stand will give an elegant and elevated look to your regular pots and will add an ornamental and decorative feel to your indoor and outdoor spaces. The pots are made of high-quality iron, which does not get rusted, dulled, or tarnished easily and for a long period of time.
  • STURDY:- The stand is made of high-quality metal which can withstand upto 30-40kg of load on it. The stand can also be used as a space-optimizer as a large number of small and medium-size plants can fit onto the stand. Our stand has been specially designed with 3 supporting legs which will make our product sturdy and strong.
  • EASY To MAINTAIN:- Cleaning the product is easy, as a gentle wipe down the surface with a humid cloth can help you get rid of any accumulated dirt or residue. There is no need for any expensive abrasive, acid, alcohol-based, or solvent-based cleaners, which could potentially derail the matte finish of the product.
  • FLOOR PROTECTION:- Our stand comes with curved soft edges which do not affect the quality of the flooring, be it wooden, marble or even faux grass. Our aesthetic design is crafted in a way that there is no scratch or de-coloring of your flooring and your product will be the highlight of your space without taking too much space.

Iron Plant Stands Indoor Outdoor Flower Pot/Plant Round Shaped Rustproof

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