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The new must-have gardening accessory

Updated: Jan 20, 2022

There’s nothing more satisfying than waking up early in winter mornings, putting on your warm jacket, and watering your greens in your home garden, all this while basking in the winter sun. Gardening is a rewarding and fun hobby that is enjoyed by all Indians across all age groups. It is refreshing, rewarding, and a relaxing way to get in touch with nature.

In today’s busy and stressful world, it is important to find new ways to unwind and de-stress, and hence, gardening makes for an excellent recreational activity. It is also believed that a few hours of plowing, lifting, shoveling, and raking is a good physical activity that can help reduce the risk of many health problems. With these numerous mental and physical health benefits, it is time to start gardening and enjoying your fresh produce. So, as you embark on your gardening adventure, it is important to have the right tools and equipment which will make your gardening journey convenient and enjoyable.

With a unique line-up of exciting home products at Beautiful than it Looks, you don’t have to look any further to meet your gardening needs. Beautiful than it Looks offers a range of watering cans, which provide a one-stop solution for any watering needs of your beautiful plants. Our affordable line of watering cans, starting at Rs. 600, can be used for indoor or outdoor plants. The premium iron used to make this product gives it a matte finish, which complements beautifully with the aesthetic of any place and gives your garden/home a unique vintage look. The quality of the product is also rest-assured, as our products are durable, leak-proof, and rust-resistant.

Products at Beautiful than it Looks have also been designed to ensure your convenience and ease. The long neck of the watering can ensure that all plants can be watered with a soft, precise, and targeted aim. The minimalist design ensures that 1.2 liters of water can be stored in the can, without it being bulky or heavy. Even cleaning the product is easy, as a gentle wipe down the surface with a humid cloth can help you get rid of any accumulated dirt or residue. There is no need for any expensive abrasive, acid, alcohol-based, or solvent-based cleaners, which could potentially derail the matte finish of the product.

So, don’t wait too long and get your hands on our BTIL Matte Black Watering Can. You can buy it from our website, or on Amazon. This product is the new-must have gardening tool, which will make this enjoyable hobby convenient and time-efficient.

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