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Style up your walls using these new shelves

Unable to fit everything in your cupboards? Tired of scattered books on your coffee table? Bored of looking at your plain and dull walls? Would you believe it if I said that all three of these problems have one solution? Well- it does. Wall-Shelves!

Wall-Shelves are effective storage as they are spacious, and can fit a large number of objects like Books, Flower Pots, Cd Case, Etc. It makes for a perfect wall decor item In your Living Room, Bedroom, Office, and kitchen as it adds the spark of color and design to your plain walls.

But, with installing wall shelves comes another set of problems - durability, affordability, spaciousness, compactness, and difficulty in maintenance. Well- fret, no more! We at Beautiful than it Looks, have come up with a modern and sleek wall-shelf that caters to all your needs while being pocket-friendly and stylish.

Our golden-wall shelf unit comes in a circular gold design, with a wooden stand for you to keep your objects on. The iron-made product is available in two sizes to suit your design and aesthetic needs. These products are surprisingly light, as they weigh under 1.5kg. The dimensions of our small shelf are 29 X 29 X 12 CM and for the large one, the dimensions are 32 X 32 X 12 CM. Our sturdy design and quality iron also ensure that our products are durable.

Installing this shelf is also hassle-free as you won’t have to worry about calling your carpenter. Our modern wall-shelf does not need any mounting, it can be hung easily using the two hooks included in the product packaging. Just 10 minutes of installing time, and then you are set!

We also understand that dust and dirt accumulation on home decor products is not unusual. And that’s why- our products are easy to clean as they can be easily cleaned by using a gentle clean cloth. If the shine of the product is compromised, then you can use a clean soft white absorbent cloth dampened with an answer of gentle soap and hot water to restore the shine and sparkle. There is no need for any expensive abrasive, acid, alcohol-based, or solvent-based cleaners, which could potentially dull the shine of the product.

So, what are you waiting for? Get your hands on our wall shelf! You can purchase our products on Amazon. If you wish to see more affordable, stylish, and minimalist home-decor products, do check our website! Do check out our special offers and discounts!

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